When someone fascinates us, we try to be their friend. When it comes to a public figure of whom you are a fan, you probably subscribe to that public figure's page. However, this does not guarantee that she will notice you. Becoming a celebrity's friend is a dream that cannot be won in advance.

So if you are having trouble attracting a celebrity's attention even though you are a subscriber to their Instagram account, here are some tips you can do. Apply them intelligently and you may be able to achieve your goal.

1. think before you post an Instagram comment and make sure it's original

  •     Having original and personalised comments on Instagram can help you stand out from others

  •     Writing unusual comments is the best way to attract a celebrity's attention. If a post of hers gets a large number of likes and comments, only those who intrigue her will get a response from her.

  •     Above all, don't rely on simple comments to make it work. Don't expect her to respond to posts from followers that make a declaration of love.

  •     Most of the time, the messages that are given meaning are the "smartest" ones. They are very often so impactful that they spur fame. This is how it should be done:

  •     Find comments that intrigue you and make you think. Express your feelings in your writing. Your contribution must be touching.

  •     Now that you know what to say, think about when to say it. If you make your comment when the celebrity is not online, they may drown in the middle of the crowd. So remember to analyse your idol's habits to determine the best time.

2. Make the most of Instagram's potential

Being followed by a certified account on Instagram increases your credibility

Instagram features are very efficient and completely free to use. Two of the most common features are "hashtag" and "reposting".

The hashtag

This is a very useful feature that allows you to categorise posts. The hashtag allows you to highlight keywords that are used in searches to easily find your way around publications.

You are probably wondering how useful it is to achieve your goal. This is because the hashtags you create will be seen by thousands of people who may or may not be interested in them. Everything will depend on the consistency and relevance of the latter. You can also make it easier by using hashtags that already exist. To this end, a quick Google search should include a list of the most popular ones at the moment.


Reposting is when you share someone else's post on your page, ie the celebrity. She will be happy to know that you are so interested in her post. But also that you can share his vision. However, do not go overboard. In fact, there is no point in republishing everything and everyone. You will no longer be interested in his eyes.

If your repost gets a big feed, ie lots of interest from your followers, the celebrity behind the post will be a little more interested in you.

Instagram Followers

The Instagram followers are the best way to reach their potential on Instagram and only when they reach a large number, they will be able to rejoice from the benefits, but until then, it is not easy to generate Instagram followers.

Buy Instagram followers

To reach a large number of followers it is very difficult to increase organically and that is why there are many providers who offer the possibility of buying Instagram followers. Not many people agree with this option but it works better than any other and that's why influencers and businesses on Instagram know that buying Instagram followers is the best alternative for Instagram growth.

Instagram Stories

Don't hesitate to introduce stickers or different types of tags in your stories. Stickers can be useful to provide your followers with more information (e.g. the address of a shop). They can be personalised and allow you to create hashtags that emphasise your originality and uniqueness.

You can also add drawings and texts. With these features, you can create stories that attract attention and invite users to keep browsing.

3. choose noteworthy topics for your posts.

Notoriety comes from the interest you arouse in others. Think long and hard about the topics you cover in your posts. This will help you get new subscribers.

Post topics that might be of particular interest to the general public and your celebrity. If your post catches their attention enough, they are likely to like and republish your post. The only way to find out what interests them is to observe them, determine their interests and passions.

One type of post that draws crowds today is the photo with captions. This is a photo of you holding the caption over the other person: a phrase that inspires and touches. Above all, avoid pretending to be someone else to impress a celebrity. So stay natural!

4. Involve your followers

Ask your followers to follow your idol! You can mark the latter in your publications. It is important not to tag them in hateful or obnoxious posts. Be wise.

Do it only on topics that she might like. This kind of post really helps to increase the number of followers of the latter. And all the stars love it. Of course, if this trick works, he might follow you to thank you.

5. Be thorough in your posts.

A variety of quality publications attracts people

Now that you've put more thought into what kind of content you want to publish, think about the quality of that content. Be consistent in your newsfeed and take care of your posts. Set a graphic charter to follow. So avoid being scattered.

If you start with a certain type, stick to that type. Stay true, genuine and faithful to your principles. It might attract the attention of a celebrity to follow you back. Some of your videos may go viral. For that, we have prepared the most viewed videos on Instagram for you in our article.

Of course, these tips are just to point you towards achieving your goal of attracting a celebrity's attention on Instagram. This is the only way you will generate their Instagram followers The most important thing is up to you. You need to be persistent, patient and brave. You will not build a relationship of trust overnight. Instagram followers are then very generated and will follow them.

Remember, there are thousands of other people trying to get noticed by a star. So be patient!