Becoming a follower - when it pays off

As a Facebook page operator, the search for followers is commonplace. But only a few think about becoming a follower.

Especially in the early days, every new follower is registered with heart palpitations and often the question arises whether the Page itself should perhaps also follow one or the other fan. Self-proclaimed experts often give the tip to simply follow everyone who does the same on their own page. Becoming a follower, however, is more than simply clicking a "like" and then no longer being interested in the page. Of course, you can perhaps make masses in this way and follow everyone who comes under your mouse pointer in the hope of drawing attention to yourself. Effective, however, is something else.

Becoming a follower is not difficult...

... but being a follower is. It is important not to see following simply as a necessary evil but as an opportunity to communicate. If you become a fan of a site, you automatically participate in its publications and posts. This is positive if they are also of interest. If this is the case, you should not shy away from leaving a comment or two yourself. With a well thought-out post on other pages, a small exchange with followers of the pages or perhaps even a small reference to your own page, high-quality fans can be found.

Stand behind your own decision

Even though it may not be apparent at first glance, your own fans do register which pages are followed from a page. Becoming a follower therefore goes hand in hand with the responsibility to stand behind your own decision and support it. For this, however, the selection of the pages that are followed is important. One's own interests and the interests of the company are in the foreground here. Which posts do I find interesting? Which pages could also interest my fans? What kind of news can I profit from? These are just a few questions that can help to narrow down possible interesting pages and thus make the selection easier for yourself in the long run.