Why loyal fans are so important

Is a fan the same as a fan? Absolutely not. Loyal fans are usually particularly prominent on Facebook and are the foundation of the page.

Fans are important, they are even the most important thing if the Facebook presence is to be successful. They keep a page alive, read the posts, buy the products and share with their friends. It is well known that there are different types of fans. However, loyal fans, who do not simply become followers but also carry the brand message to the outside world, are particularly noteworthy.

Keeping an eye on loyal fans

The brand message on a page is an important cornerstone that should not be underestimated. It serves to let people know why of all things this product is so worth buying. However, the message will only inspire trust if it is distributed by customers and this is where loyal fans come in. Loyal fans often start by sharing the products on their pages, perhaps writing reviews or product tests about them, mentioning their own page on a blog or even on a website. In this way, the advertising slowly spreads and brings new potential fans out of a deep sleep. Loyal fans also tend to comment frequently or post links on the timeline of the page. So it's not hard to keep an eye on them and be happy about their interest.

Show gratitude

Loyal fans are also naturally pleased when their efforts are recognised. They don't do all this to draw attention to themselves, but it never hurts to show their gratitude. It doesn't take much effort at all. Sometimes a small post is enough. The person can be named, for example. A reference to the product test that was published on a blog or simply a public thank you. Often, loyal fans are even willing to give one or two tips for further marketing measures. After all, they are the best judges of what customers want. It goes down well to simply ask for this by message and thus also show personal interest in the opinion of the fans.