Facebook and content management - are they mutually exclusive?

The connection between Facebook and content management

There are many systems for feeding your own website with information. But now Facebook and content management are coming together.

If you have a company, an association or simply a goal, you create your own homepage, give an overview of your personal offer, make sure it is always up-to-date and, of course, feed it with the necessary news and information. This is a process that has become established in recent years. All that was needed for this is a content management system. Even if it takes a while to learn the ropes, the effort is worth it. At least that's what people thought until Facebook and content management came together.

What do Facebook and content management have to do with each other?

In the meantime, it has almost become a matter of course that a website also has a Facebook presence where fans can keep themselves informed about news, promotions and much more. At this interface, Facebook and content management come together. This is mainly related to saving time. It is so easy to enter a news item on Facebook, perhaps add a picture and then publish it. Since all interested parties are usually already connected to the Facebook page anyway, there is no need to update the website. So Facebook and content management are mutually exclusive, so to speak. This is a fact that is becoming more and more prevalent, because many owners of a Facebook page decide not to use content management any more, but to make Facebook their own.

Simply transfer information

There is the technical possibility of transferring the information that is posted on Facebook to one's own website. This saves a lot of time and work. This means that Facebook and content management will soon be one and the same, because in this case Facebook acts as content management. It is definitely a step that points to the future and ensures that things will probably change here soon, because more and more companies are discovering this advantage for themselves.