The cross with Facebook posts

Facebook posts are the be-all and end-all of good communication. There are always new tips on how to make them look perfect.

You sit in front of your own page and want to produce a post, but the field doesn't want to fill up. This problem is familiar to many page operators who are still searching for the perfect Facebook posts and still don't know how to go about it. The headline is already an important point, but the structure of the Facebook posts also plays a major role.

The important three steps:

Before writing the post, it is important to keep in mind what you want to achieve with this post. Someone who wants a lot of clicks focuses on different things than someone who is looking for an exchange. It is precisely this selection of one's own goal that ensures that the first ideas for Facebook posts already come with it. If you want to have more comments, you know that you should ask questions and make sure that the topics can also provoke different opinions. If the Facebook post is about a product, then you should directly ask for opinions.

What should be included in the post? This is the question of all questions and it is quite possible to create several variants for a post and then determine for yourself which one has the best effect. In doing so, one should also consult other opinions and ask employees or friends. Should the Facebook posts be spiced up with videos or pictures? Is plain text enough or does a link have to be included? Is the link a safe source? All these questions need to be answered before sending.

Keeping the target group in mind is something that most page operators find particularly difficult. As already mentioned, there is the option of directly limiting the target group for Facebook posts and thus only addressing those people who are also interesting to the operator himself. However, if you want to keep several options open, you share your Facebook posts with all your fans and also run the risk of not attracting as much interest. However, one can also share the posts publicly and tune in directly to a target group. For this, the most interesting information for the respective target group should be included in the post. This can be pictures as well as important facts.