When to use products on Facebook

When selecting posts, companies often find it difficult to point out products to their fans. But that is exactly what they want.

There is a difference that Facebook Page operators are often not aware of. This is the difference between desired and undesired advertising. It is true that users of the social network have no interest in being inundated with advertising. However, it is wrong that they do not want to be provided with product information at all. When a company decides to use Facebook as a platform for itself, this always means sharing content. This is exactly what often poses a problem for operators. They want to distribute their products, find new fans and buyers and keep up with the times. But this only works if the page is regularly filled. But what does the manufacturer of a well-known lemonade have to report? Correct, which new products belong to the company. But many don't dare post this for fear of scaring away their fans. This is a cycle that should be broken.

Fans want to see products

It is a fact that the fans of a page would like to have information about the products. Therefore, you should not even think about whether the products are demonstrated, but how you do it. As described in another post, studies have shown that pictures with certain images and colours attract more people than others. Showing products on Facebook is no different. Simply providing information about the product is unlikely to lure a fan out of their corner and get them to take a closer look at the post. It is better to package the product in an obvious way and thus also provide good entertainment. On Facebook, this works above all with good ideas. These ideas can look very different. Funny sayings or pictures that are somehow always connected to the product are a good choice and attract interested people. It is worthwhile to test on Facebook what really goes down well with the fans and then optimise the posts.