The internet is full of questions about Instagram. A large part of it relates to earning opportunities and the question of whether it is actually possible to make money with this portal. Certainly to the surprise of many people, yes - it is possible to earn money with Instagram. If you are interested in how you can make money there and what actually determines the amount of earnings, this article is for you. It will answer all your burning questions and explain what making money with Instagram is all about.

Who can make money with Instagram?

Anyone who has the desire can make Instagram their part or main source of income. Does that mean I can start working just "on Instagram" right away? Not so fast. If you don't even have an Instagram account or don't grow it much and rarely upload interesting content, it won't be that easy or maybe even impossible. Who wants to work with an influencer who has 50 followers on his account? Probably no one.

It is important to build a foundation for possible online activities. Instagram is based on the image. If you present content of dubious quality, you may have a big problem attracting attention. Marketers have been aware of the great importance of social media for many years and look for real gems there. A profile on Instagram is a kind of business card on which a lot depends.

Go for good content on your profile, upload only valuable content that will allow you to get as many followers as possible. Share, comment and don't be afraid to ask questions - all of this will help you build an image that can prove crucial. Crucial for your chance to make money with Instagram. Remember that it is not Instagram that pays us money for certain "goals", but companies and organisations that have certain requirements for their "employees".
What you need to do to make money on Instagram

The first thing to note is that there is no "barrier" in terms of the number of followers required. There are differences here, some suggestions appear only after reaching 5,000 followers, while others require a second number. This is influenced by many factors. You need to be unique in many ways, stand out from the crowd and do something that thousands of others on the net are not doing.

In the beginning you need to focus on building good relationships (even with a small number) of recipients, 100,000, not very active recipients who do not click on the links you send and who have no interest in your business no use. The most important thing is regularity and commitment . It's time to get down to business when we meet all the above "requirements".

Affiliate marketing

The first and very simple way to generate income with Instagram is affiliate marketing. What exactly is it? It is nothing more than the profit that flows into our account when observers use different types of advertising links. For every item purchased and so on (depending on the company we work with), we get a percentage. It's no secret that the greater the number of followers, the greater the chance of buying a particular product and getting money in your pocket. Sometimes you don't have to sell any services and it's enough to enter a link - it all depends on the company.

The first step can be to register with an "affiliate programme", such as webePartners. You then join that company or organisation's affiliate programme and create links that you promote and receive your share from. Where else can you find affiliate programmes? For example at:

  • ShareASale
  • Amazon

These websites are popular all over the world, but they are also worth mentioning in our country:

  • Zalando
  • Aliexpress

It should be remembered that it is not enough to put a link in the description. You need to make a whole series of decisions and promotional actions. You can write a separate blog post and forward your followers to it, use Instastories for promotion and use other available means. However, it is not worth inundating your audience with advertising as they may see this as extremely negative. There is a fine line that should not be crossed when advertising.
Sponsored posts

This is another element of income for many Instagram influencers. Once a company notices our efforts and begins to identify with us, they will almost certainly hire you to publish posts for which they will pay. The whole collaboration can consist of us tagging the business we have partnered with in our posts and adding affiliate links to generate revenue from our followers' purchases. Businesses and organisations are not on Instagram looking for big brands to partner with, it's about connecting not only with you but with your audience.

So how do we find a sponsor? It's not easy, of course, and it depends a lot on our efforts. If we wait for a message with a great offer from a big company, we may never be successful. Take matters into your own hands! One way to find sponsors is to write emails to companies that interest you. Introduce yourself, tell them what you do and what plans and ideas you have for collaboration. It is not advisable to start with a price as this never looks good. You should also not frantically write to every company there is on the market. Think about what you want to cover, what your Instagram features are and what fits in.

There are also influencer marketplaces on the internet, which are nothing more than message boards for social media users who want to get involved. You post ads there and then wait for a response. If a company is interested in our work, they will definitely get in touch. Where is it worth advertising? Among others on:


As it turns out, there are many such providers, so it's time to get to work!
Selling photos

If you're going all out to make sure your photos on Instagram are the best quality possible, why not think about selling them? There are many websites on the market that rely on selling images. These include:

  • 500px
  • Etsy

If photography is your passion, then a few pennies you can earn this way will surely be welcome in your pocket.
Selling a developed account

Yes, even though it sounds strange, one way to make money on Instagram is to sell accounts. It's not about 'empty accounts' of course, relatively speaking, customers are more likely to have developed accounts with a significant number of followers. An account is treated like a product and has its price. To start selling accounts, it is enough to use suitable places on the Internet that specialise in this. It is worth checking in advance what requirements these providers have (even if only in terms of the minimum number of subscribers). Sites that deserve your attention are:


Sell Shoutouts

Shoutout is nothing more than tagging a certain brand on photos, in descriptions or on Instastories. The mechanism is very simple, just add content and mark the profile of a certain company there, this way you can earn quite a lot. Of course, the terms of such cooperation depend on the number of observers. Where can you look for opportunities? At Shoutcart, for example.

Business-to-business advertising and cross-marketing

A suggestion aimed at businesses. Nowadays, every business that wants to advertise its services should have an account on a portal like Instagram. Instagram offers great opportunities for online promotion, which is becoming more and more important. Every business of this kind should have an online strategy to achieve its goals. It is worth using photos of customers you make, announcing different promotions and competitions to encourage participation in the "online life" of your business.

Cross-marketing is nothing more than the mutual promotion of two companies doing their marketing. By highlighting only two or three businesses, you can reach a much larger audience, make them curious and perhaps entice them to use your offer. It is very important to find a suitable partner because then the benefits are similar for both sides and neither side has to pay more. Therefore, it is important to find a partner at a similar level so that there is not much difference.

How much you can earn on Instagram

It's very difficult to find a specific fork into which to place an influencer's earnings on Instagram. What matters is the number of followers, the content, how we want to earn and which companies we work with. The amounts vary, the biggest on the portal are able to reach amounts of up to over €10,000 for a single promotional post. For smaller influencers it depends on which company they work with and what terms they have negotiated.

How you price your work

Pricing your work is a very complex process, but how important is it for the influencer business. Firstly, this market is very close, prices tend to be very similar and most companies are familiar with them. It's worth getting a feel for the situation, getting to know the estimated ratings of similar profiles so as not to make unrealistic offers.

One of the things that should be considered in the assessment is what is required of us to promote a particular business, it may be necessary to travel, take photos of far away places and at this point it should be considered. All the investments required for promotion are crucial in the evaluation and should be taken into account.

Think about your image because that is what you are trading on. It should have its price. In addition, it is worth paying attention to aspects such as the duration of the cooperation, frequency of publication, number of markings, etc. . During negotiations, do not be afraid to make proposals , present many possibilities of cooperation.

What mistakes to avoid

When you enter into a cooperation with a certain company, you should first read the contract carefully, because very often we have a problem with reading the documents thoroughly. Read what they ask you to do and what the benefits are.

Be specific and conscientious, don't be afraid to negotiate on your own terms and say "no" if the offer is bad and could have a negative impact on your business.


Making money on Instagram is not complicated at all, but it does require the right approach. Of course, the methods mentioned above are not the only ways that can be used to generate revenue on the portal, there are quite a few.

It's all about commitment and ingenuity, the possibilities are many and it's all up to you. Use the ideas and tips from this article and have fun while you're at it. This way you can achieve your goal.