Fans on Facebook - not everyone is allowed in

Anyone who sets up a page on the social network wants as many fans as possible. But it is also possible to select the fans on Facebook yourself.

The owner of a page has many possibilities to acquire fans, which are also frequently used. From high-quality posts to competitions, everything is actually tried out somehow to get fans on Facebook. The goal is clear: the more the better. If the number of fans increases, so does the reputation of the page and the possibility to sell things better. But is that really the case? With every new fan comes a potential complainer, or perhaps just someone who simply sets a "like" but has no interest. That's why more and more page operators are thinking about the possibility of selecting their own fans on Facebook and thus creating a community that focuses on quality instead of quantity.

How does this work?

Like so many things on Facebook, the desire to select fans on Facebook itself can be achieved primarily via an app. Of course, you can set up a group instead of a page and only confirm fans when asked. Nevertheless, it is not possible to find out here whether they match the interests of a company. Therefore, an app is the best way. This app is usually set up in such a way that the potential fans answer a few questions on Facebook. Of course, the company can decide for itself which questions to ask and can thus create a specific target group.

The advantages and disadvantages

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, including the idea of selecting the Facebook fans yourself. The advantages are obvious. If you choose the characteristics of your fans yourself, your posts and actions will probably attract a lot of interest and you will have your target group directly in your fan list. This simplifies the compilation of posts and does not require different thought processes to please all fans. The disadvantage, of course, is that a lower number of fans on Facebook can also mean that the sales of the products or the response to posts and campaigns are also lower. Careful consideration should be given here.