"If you don't advertise, you die". The saying is attributed to the American carmaker Henry Ford. The age-old rule of thumb for anyone who wants to sell a service or product has lost none of its validity to this day. The only thing that has changed since then are the ways in which targeted advertising can achieve the greatest possible success. In Henry Ford's day, no one had any idea of the opportunities the future would bring. Facebook marketing was still a completely unknown world back then. It wasn't until the invention of the Internet that people around the world connected with each other and forced the emergence of global networks like Facebook. Facebook Marketing is an affordable and effective alternative to traditional advertising. Facebook marketing allows even mid-sized and small companies to get the attention they deserve with a relatively small advertising budget.

For the layman, this may seem a world with seven seals at first glance. But once you have used it for your own purposes, you are quickly convinced of the modern way of advertising. Facebook is now the undisputed largest social network, whose capacities offer every user excellent chances of success. The prerequisite for profitable marketing is a professional approach.

Companies and individuals who choose the classic route to market their offerings often find that the cost-benefit calculation does not add up. Advertisements in newspapers are not necessarily read by the target audience. This is also true of expensive advertising in other media. Many people literally switch off when they see radio and TV advertising and devote themselves to another activity. Posters have a hard time being noticed at all in an environment flooded with visual stimuli. Marketing on social platforms is therefore an alternative to conventional PR for anyone who wants to achieve a countable success with their advertising campaign.

Anyone who wants to introduce a new product to the market or publicize a service usually needs a lot of staying power. Indiscriminate advertising costs a lot of money, but rarely guarantees the desired effect. With Facebook marketing, the target group to be reached is addressed from the very first moment. In practical application, this marketing is classified into different areas of use. On the one hand, there are the Facebook pages, also called Pages. On Facebook Pages, a company presents itself visually and in terms of content. This company profile is an important business card and conveys a first impression to every user who calls up the page. The page should therefore be carefully designed, because it is a component of Facebook marketing that should not be underestimated. The "Like" button allows users to express their liking for the company. This indicator shows whether there is a need for improvement in marketing.

Another puzzle in Facebook marketing are the so-called Facebook Places. They represent real places that fans can visit. These can be restaurants, hair salons or hotels, for example. Facebook Places work in principle like Facebook Pages. Only the check-in is handled differently. Users have the opportunity to tell their friends on Facebook where they are staying. Successful Facebook marketing includes ads. Facebook has developed its own system to book ads. With Facebook Marketing, the ad is shown on all Pages of the network. In addition, Facebook Engagement Ads can be booked. These interactive ads allow users to become active within the advertising. When it comes to Facebook Marketing via Ads, the sky is the limit. It is the easiest way to draw attention to a company and increase customer loyalty. The many opportunities to present a new product on the market with the help of text design and the use of visual options such as photos or video clips are enormous. Important changes or discount promotions can be communicated to the customer in just a few simple steps. Facebook marketing is thus also the timely way of advertising to keep the clientele always up to date. The potential buyers can inform themselves extensively about the product or the service, ask questions or criticize. Thus, they also contribute to improvements.

Another strategy in Facebook marketing are the apps. The apps, used wisely, are important applications. Apps are not usually developed by Facebook itself. They are the work of external developers. So, in principle, anyone can create their own app and link it to their advertising campaign. Assistance is provided by the Facebook Opengraph. Through this interface, app developers can access data that is helpful in programming the apps. The data further refines Facebook marketing. The Opengraph is a true marvel. Among other things, it connects the individual web presence with Facebook. To sum up, Facebook Marketing is the contemporary way of advertising. With the measures, the advertiser reaches exactly the audience he wants to address. The success is measurable and quickly apparent. Thanks to the flexible design options of the medium, adjustments to current market developments are possible at any time. Advertising success does not require too much expenditure, because Facebook marketing does not incur additional costs when the page is updated.

Facebook marketing is more important today than ever before, because not only very young people look for their information in the social network.

Who likes something the "liked" it, so that all people on the virtual friend list can see what likes. Those who are enthusiastic about texts, web pages, videos or pictures share this content and Facebook marketing is already in full swing. All friends get the shared content and will share it in turn, if liked, and thus Facebook marketing has developed a snowball system, which can spread good and bad news in no time by itself.

Then, if the service or product is really good, Facebook marketing is the best thing that can happen to a company, because this is virtually the virtual form of word-of-mouth propaganda.

Invitations to special events and happenings can be spread just as quickly and easily as news to all interested parties - and with a fairly small advertising budget. In addition, Facebook reaches not only the people who are sitting in front of their PC, Mac or notebook, but also the users who have their smartphone with them and are immediately informed about all the news, anywhere in the world. Advertising in the age of constant accessibility ensures round-the-clock distribution in a positive sense.
Anyone who doesn't know what Facebook "feels like" should give it a try. All activities of friends, acquaintances, companies, brands, products and events are permanently updated and the latest news is displayed directly on the so-called pinboard in one's own account. What is not liked is not marked and thus only things that are liked, that friends like or that could be liked remain.

Facebook marketing concerns every user and every company that always wants to be up to date - as the key to success.